Hans-Peter Mayr, President CEO – Sparkling Hill Resort

Excerpt… “Facing challenges of many architectural and design elements, not seen in North America before, Rob Kormish and his team of trades people were a key component in meeting our demands for a high quality and technical installation. Ensuring quality control and technical details were intact Ploutos enterprises Ltd. work diligently to complete our project in a timely manner.” See full testimonial here.

Wayne Smithies, President – Martello Property Management

The key to a good flooring company is not the best price, but the best service. In 2001 I was moving my offices into a new location and was dealing with another flooring company. The other company tried to take advantage of years of business and knowing I was working with a time constraint and a budget issue, tried to take advantage. George Apostolopoulos offered his help, provided a better carpet at a lower price and sent his best crew to ensure I was able to move in on time. I have used Ploutos ever since for all jobs for my commercial real estate management company; Martello manages over 5M sq ft of real estate. I can rely on Ploutos for the best competitive price and after sales service.

Greg Hatswell, General Manager – Craftsman Group of Companies

We have worked with Ploutos Enterprises for many years to provide us with the great products and service that we are looking for when it comes to building and renovating our collision repair shops. They have always been flexible with our schedules, performed all installations in a timely manner, and provide us with consistent and informative communication throughout each and every job. We continue to look forward to a great relationship with Ploutos Enterprises.

Mel Kotler – North Ellis Developments

Excerpt… “The Madison is done and the applause and raves continue from not only the owners and residesnts but the public at large.” See full testimonial here.

Davood Moradi, Managing Director – David Mitchell Co. Ltd

As a General Contractor, we David Mitchell Co. have been in business for over 55 years. We have worked with numerous flooring contractors. What separates Ploutos from the rest is the level of customer service they provide. We are in the business of dental and medical office construction, as well as hotel and high profile corporate offices. We are expected to preform to the highest level of standards. Since our involvement with Ploutos, and a few conversations on job sites, it was evident that they share the same value and commitment as we do. They bend over backwards at our job sites. In return we use them over and over in our projects. They come to our rescue when other flooring contractors have come short, even fixing other peoples deficiencies. I am very proud to recommend them to our designers or people who ask for a good flooring sub contractor. I always say; Subs like Ploutos make us look good.”

Glen Doctor, General Contractor – Jenex Management Group Inc

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